Monday, July 18, 2011

Joey's 3!

Kenny and I went to a parenting workshop by helen lee the author of Missional Mom. It was a great workshop and really made us think about how to raise our kids to glorify God. We got some ideas for family traditions. So, for birthdays we are telling the kids that they get something but they also give something.

For Joey's birthday he got to go to Chuck E Cheese in TORONTO and he gave his time for the Bread and Water Walk to raise money for orphans in China. He also chose a walker to donate to an orphanage in China. Every night he's been praying for the orphans. I almost talked him into giving half of his birthday money to the orphans but 2 seconds later he said he wanted to keep it. :)

We also had a great time reconnecting with my best buddy Lis and her family.

Niagara Falls

Joey and Beatrice

When I first met Lis, we were single ladies living up the New York City life as grad students. Now look at us!

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