Thursday, May 12, 2011

cause for celebration

meimei has been a lot more vocal this week!

in the middle of the night you can hear all sorts of groans, grunts, raspberries and "ehhh." while this is good for her, its not so good for those who sleep right next to her.

there's also some cause for celebration for joey...he's almost completely potty trained!
i've been brave on a few occasions and ventured out of the house with big boy underwear-- no pull ups! i've also become "one of those" moms who brings their kid to pee at a tree in the park. one day at seward park, i was sitting on the bench and my friend said, "i think joey needs to go to the bathroom." joey had pulled down his pants and underwear and was squatting by a tree. by the time i got over to him he had already pooped! i felt like i owned a dog, having to clean up after him. but what a milestone! congrats my almost 3 year old!

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