Thursday, May 12, 2011

my poor meimei

we went to the endocrinologist today. most of our medical specialists are from weill cornell, we've been very satisfied with the level of professionalism and expertise.

basically, she had to get another blood test to determine whether or not she needs to be on thyroid medication. it's always been hard to draw blood from her. the geneticist had trouble, the pediatrician had trouble and today the nurse had trouble too. she first went fishing in the arm and got nothing. then she decided to to a heel stick... she cut meimei's heel and collected the blood drop by drop until she got the 3 vials she needed. needless to say, meimei was none too please with this. she rarely cries so when she does it's extra heartbreaking. it felt like an eternity. she was screaming with boogers streaming from her nose. my poor meimei

for all those brainiacs out there, please figure out some way to test for these things using just a drop of blood.

we'll find out the results in 5 days ... stay tuned.

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  1. poor meimei :( Hope she's feeling better now.